Grow21: Youth Discipleship Series

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For too long, Christian parents have relied heavily on the local church to disciple their children, especially during their adolescent years. And while youth workers and youth programs can greatly assist with the spiritual formation of young people, statistics reveal that no one has a greater influence on a child's faith development more than parents.

In this three-volume devotional series, Timothy Eldred, takes his 30 years of global youth ministry experience to provide parents with a proven plan to help teens develop a faith of their own. From teaching young people the basics of living a Christ-centered life (Begin21), to finding their true identity in Jesus (Pray21), to learning how to share their faith naturally without fear (Tell21), parents will have the critical tools to help their children follow Jesus for a lifetime while fostering an even stronger parent/child relationship. Each book is a simple, 21-day journey.


SUGGESTION: These books are meant to be read together as a shared experience between parent and child. We recommend that you order a set of books for each person—one for you and one for your child.

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