Alone Sucks: God's Cure for Our Human Crises

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Pain doesn’t have to be permanent. And lonely doesn’t have to last forever.

What's the greatest problem facing our society today—aloneness. Every other struggle we face is a symptom of this age-old crisis. Suicide, depression, anxiety—you name it—these everyday problems are rooted in a condition everyone faces.

If you or someone you know is masking your pain or pretending everything is fine, you're not alone. Young and old, aloneness is taking a serious toll on people's lives. But there's a cure for aloneness that is easier to follow than you might understand.

Follow the journey of best-selling author and sought-after speaker, Timothy Eldred, as he shares his personal experience and professional expertise on helping you feel whole today instead being strapped in a hole you believe you can't overcome.

 "Alone Sucks gave me hope..." —Annie M.

 "A must read for everyone..." —Luke S.

 "...offers amazing insight!" —Dan F. 

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• Softcover
• 5.5 x 8.5 Inches
• 146 Pages